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Democrats Need to Show That Government Can Work [New York Times]

11 09 14

In the short term, Democrats must do the obvious: Settle on a strategy with the president to break the gridlock, build a new farm team of outstanding candidates for the Senate and House and convince voters that a Hillary Clinton presidency can get big things done. Continue reading

The sobering message for Obama [CNN Opinion]

11 05 14

(CNN) — Almost everything that can be said about Tuesday night’s elections has been said, so with some trepidation, a few afterthoughts: Continue reading

For GOP, a scary ‘blue wall’ awaits [CNN Opinion]

11 03 14

(CNN) — If Republicans regain control of the Senate on Tuesday night, they will have good reason to gloat. They recruited much stronger, more sensible nominees this year — no more candidates riding broomsticks or hurling insults at women. They also smartly accepted President Barack Obama’s implicit challenge to make his record their centerpiece. Continue reading

Vote for tomorrow’s leaders [CNN Opinion]

11 01 14

(CNN) — Like every political animal, I will be paying close attention to U.S. Senate elections this Tuesday because they will tell us a lot about the next two years. But I will also have a special eye on a few particular races that may tell us more about our long-term future. Continue reading