President Obama’s unrecognized legacy

04 03 15

(CNN) – On and off for over 40 years, I have had the privilege of roaming around the West Wing of the White House, usually as a member of the staff, sometimes as a journalist or visitor. For all that…

A wooden-headed week in politics

04 03 15

(CNN) – For those who hoped that the coming presidential election would usher in the dawn of a new, more inspiring politics, this past week has been deeply discouraging. In two key moments, leaders from both sides of the aisle…

Bibi vs. Barack: It’s time for a truce

04 03 15

(CNN) – It’s time for leaders in Israel and the United States to call off their war of insults before they cause serious, lasting damage. Heading into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address on Tuesday to a joint session of Congress,…

Surgeon General’s Win is a Political Miracle [CNN Opinion]

02 06 15

(CNN) — There can be life after death — or at least in American politics as we have just seen with the U.S. Senate’s approval of Dr. Vivek Murthy as the next U.S. surgeon general. It ‘s a small political…

Obama’s Dangerous Move on Immigration [CNN Opinion]

02 06 15

(CNN) — There is something deeply troubling about President Obama’s decision to grant legal safe haven to unauthorized immigrants by executive order. It isn’t the underlying policy that is troubling. Just the opposite. We have known for years that we…

Democrats Need to Show That Government Can Work [New York Times]

11 09 14

In the short term, Democrats must do the obvious: Settle on a strategy with the president to break the gridlock, build a new farm team of outstanding candidates for the Senate and House and convince voters that a Hillary Clinton presidency can get big things done. Continue reading

The sobering message for Obama [CNN Opinion]

11 05 14

(CNN) — Almost everything that can be said about Tuesday night’s elections has been said, so with some trepidation, a few afterthoughts: Continue reading

For GOP, a scary ‘blue wall’ awaits [CNN Opinion]

11 03 14

(CNN) — If Republicans regain control of the Senate on Tuesday night, they will have good reason to gloat. They recruited much stronger, more sensible nominees this year — no more candidates riding broomsticks or hurling insults at women. They also smartly accepted President Barack Obama’s implicit challenge to make his record their centerpiece. Continue reading

Vote for tomorrow’s leaders [CNN Opinion]

11 01 14

(CNN) — Like every political animal, I will be paying close attention to U.S. Senate elections this Tuesday because they will tell us a lot about the next two years. But I will also have a special eye on a few particular races that may tell us more about our long-term future. Continue reading