Use ‘safe zones’ to end immigrant crisis (, Gergen and Katz)

07 14 14

As America grapples with a crisis of children on its southern border, another image from another time seems inescapable: that ship full of Jewish refugees off our shores as World War II approached. Continue reading

David in conversation with Al Gore (Aspen Ideas Festival 2014)

07 02 14

Did Obama botch the endgame in Iraq? (, Gergen & Katz)

06 28 14

Today, as we watch the fracturing of Iraq, we would be wise to ask a different question: “How does one end a war?” The answer remains elusive, but Iraq is quickly becoming a case study in how not to do it. And unless we learn from this experience, Afghanistan could well be next. Continue reading

Republicans play into Hillary’s hands (

06 14 14

Hillary Clinton’s book roll-out the past few days has shown, as expected, that she still commands an army of rapturous fans, but the best news for her this week came from the completely unexpected: the defeat of Republican leader Eric Cantor.
Rarely has a GOP primary for a seat in the House of Representatives had such wide repercussions. For Clinton, they almost all run in her favor. Consider just three: Continue reading

David on CBS’ Face the Nation — Bergdahl, Hillary and more (6/8/14)

06 08 14

What it takes to fix the VA (

06 02 14

The place to start is to appoint a world-class leader to run the place and recruit a squad of young, talented veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as a personal support team. Continue reading

David interviews Sec. Geithner on his new book, “Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises”

05 28 14 Obama, Shinseki stories on VA medical care don’t add up

05 23 14

The reputations of one of the Army’s finest generals and of a once-admired institution may get tarnished, but nothing should now get in the way of urgent investigations, firings and immediate fixes in health care for veterans. Continue reading

David’s commencement address at Loyola University New Orleans (starts at 33:00)

05 11 14

Obama, a lame duck for 33 months? (

05 04 14

Coming home from Asia, Barack Obama is obviously going through another rough patch in his presidency. But this time, it could be more dangerous: He is perilously close to becoming a lame duck 33 months before he leaves office. That is bad for him, bad for the country and bad for the world. Continue reading