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Harvard Crimson: U.S. Recovery Unsatisfactory, Summers Says to Gergen at IOP

02 14 14

In his speech, which was moderated by former presidential adviser and current director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Kennedy School of Government David R. Gergen, Summers stressed the importance of looking toward a positive future. Addressing the upcoming election, Continue reading

David on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show: Analysis Of President Obama’s Leadership And Management Style

11 06 13

President Barack Obama has faced criticism in recent weeks for what the White House says he did not know. Obama has the reputation for being the kind of leader more interested in major policy initiatives than minor details. But the latest embarrassments have even some of the president’s supporters questioning his management style. Diane and her guests discuss President Obama’s leadership and management style. Continue reading

Shutdown could be shock therapy (

10 04 13

Shutdowns are a lousy way to run a government. Just for starters, this one has cut off services to women and children in need, furloughed hundreds of thousands, further shaken the confidence of the public, sent a shudder through the financial world and created new storm clouds over the economy. And once again the world is wondering about our capacity for leadership. Continue reading

A horrible way to fill the second most powerful job in America (

09 18 13

Before the story sinks beneath the waves, a few more words are in order about the recent selection process for a new chief for the Federal Reserve: It stinks. Continue reading